Sustainable, Urban Beekeeping


I got into beekeeping as a result of pruning roses at the Columbus Parks and Recreation's Park of Roses several years ago. While pruning the roses, I overheard a young man, Chris Cree, talk about his bees and beekeeping. Chris handed me a business card for the Central Ohio Beekeepers Association, and suggested I attend their bee school. I did attened their bee school in 2013, and got "INVOLVED" in beekeeping. Among the mentors I've met are Dan Wampler of Rockmill Honey Farms in Lancaster, OH and Mike Albaugh of Olivars Honey in Johnstown, OH. Mike is also the President of the East Central Ohio Beekeepers, and is a forward thinking leader!


I am also a Trustee with the Central Ohio Beekeepers and Treasurer of the East Central Ohio Beekeepers. I have volunteered at the "Scioto Mile" on Wednesday's during the summer fo rthe past two years for ECOBA, and have coordinated the Central Ohio Beekeepers at the Franklin County (Ohio) Fair.


My favorite mantra is: "Want to learn how to become a beekeeper?"


Questions? Email me or call. I'd be happy to try to help.


Thanks for visiting my site.


- Will Merrill, Chief Bee Wrangler


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