On June 4th, while catching a swarm of bees in a spruce tree, I fell about 20' off the ladder. It slipped and the bees and I came down. I broke 3 vertibrae (C-1, C-3, and T-7) and a rib. I spent four days in Riverside Methodist Hospital and 8 days at Westminister Thurber (fantastic place to rehab!), I was released and have been at home ever since. Of course, I'm wearing a neck brace, and will probably wear it until the end of Sept 2015 (or longer). I never lost consciousness, felt any numbness or any tingling sensation. I am lucky to be alive and very thankful for the gift of life. Christopher Reeves, aka "Superman" suffered a broken C-1, and he was a quadraplegic until he died. As you can see, I am thankful.

I am also thankful to my good friend, Edie Hallam. She was helping with the swarm collection, and came to the hospital and rehab facility every day I was there. She has been an angel to me, taking me to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, the movies (we love the CAPA summer movies!), to name just a few places she's taken me. I can't thank her enough.

I managed to capture 3 buckets full of bees before the ladder slipped, and Edie put the lid on the 4th bucket so the EMS squad could work on me. I was covered in bees, and they did not have the appropriate protective gear for working around bees. After Edie removed the bucket of bees, they were able to attend to me. A great big thanks to them as well.

I am mobile, active and busy. I can't drive (BUMMER!!), or do strenuous activities, but I am still active, including a 12 day trip to Costa Rica, although I could not do the zip line down there. Upon return, I worked the Franklin County Fair and enjoyed it very much. I've also given bee talks in my back yard apiary, and will be doing some more talks in weeks to come.

The bees are trying to make honey, but the rain we had in June and early July has made that a diffucult task as the rain washes out the pollen and necter the bees use to make the honey. I do have an ample supply and will be able to supply honey for the next few months.