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Summer 2016 update - FINALLY!

Last year (June 4, 2015) I broke my neck (C-1, C-3, T-7 and a rib!). This year, I had triple bypass surgery (March 11, 2016) at Riverside Methodist Hospital. The surgeon is a beekeeper! After rehab, and some time, I was back to being active. I spent a lot of time, after rehab and restrictions, collecting bees from trees, houses, garages, helicopters (!), a boat, the ground (in Grove City!), trees in Laurelville, OH, east Broad St in Columbus, a Grove City apartment complex, and three times at Easton Town Center Shopping Center, and London, OH Senior Center. I was assisted many times by my trusty assistant, Edie Hallam, until she had surgery for spinal stinosis.

In addition to the swarms and cutouts, I have been selling 8 and 10 frame equipment, nucs, goat skin gloves, jackets and veils, hive tools, both standard and J hook, pollen traps, and many other products. A price list will be posted soon. If you have a need for a piece of equipment, contact me and I will make arrangements to get you what you need. My "store" is open whenever I'm at home, so call to arrange a pickup time.

I have also done a number of presentations to school groups, relisious groups, civic groups, Master Gardners, Columbus Recreation and Parks summer program Four Day Art and Play where I met a young man who, without any prior bee training, caught a swarm of bees, and kept them for some time until his friend dropped the box and they swarmed. I have encouraged him to apply for the Central Ohio Beekeepers Youth Scholarship. I hope he does, and I hope he is selected! He deserves it.

More later! Remember - if you've got bees, call a beekeeper before you spray with an insecticide!!!!!

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